Full Tilt Living

About The Author

Maureen Smith, author of Full Tilt Living
Photo by Kristine Johnson

Maureen Smith lives full tilt as much as possible. She’s a hypnotherapist and newsletter publisher, who’s also been a recruiter and volunteer trainer for Shanti, a stock broker, a financial planner, a teacher-of meditation, English and kindergarten-where she learned a lot! She assisted a jewelry designer and managed a warehouse. She’s been an Avon lady, an interior designer, a wife, a cook for summer camps, and a drug store clerk. She’s still a parent, although her children are grown. She does Tai Chi, sings, plays the guitar (like many self-described, self-respecting sixties’ chicks), checks in, meditates, and hangs out. She drinks plenty of water, but doesn’t walk on it. She is the author of Full Tilt Living and The ABCs of Full Tilt Living.

Maureen is a Master Hypnotherapist and a member in good standing of the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.